Omer Kringel Expresses His Artistry On Brand New Album OKAN PROJECT

Omer Kringer released his debut album, OKAN Project, a beautifully and judiciously arranged collection of 10 tracks that expresses his artistry and interest in cultures from all around the world. 

OKAN Project blends a variety of genres which makes it difficult to point out each and every one of them. From indie to world music, reggae to Latina pop, there are many secretly hidden lyrics, excellent choruses, and various beats, guitars, strings, drums and so on. Even though Omer Kringer includes so many diverse sounds and boldly creates a fusion of them, the album is consistent, balanced, and perfectly planned. On OKAN Project there is no room for much chaos or mess. 

The sound of Omer Kringer’s music is lovely, warm, and lush. He serves an inspiring view of the universe since he has traveled all around the world to gather his experiences, stories, and new sounds that are all channeled on his outstanding debut album. Take a listen for yourself: 


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