One Million Copies Of An Album In A Spray Can? Anything Is Possible In 2018

Massive Attack, makers of the seminal hit “Teardrop” on the 1998 album Mezzanine, are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album in a wildly distinctive style.

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Earlier this 12 months, the group introduced that they’d encoded their album inside DNA – now, that DNA has been made into an aerosol spray paint can. Still with us?

According to a press launch, a restricted variety of spray cans will comprise the DNA encoded audio inside matt black paint and every can will comprise roughly a million copies of the album.

Dr. Robert Grass of Zurich’s TurboBeads firm defined the complicated means of incorporating DNA into spray paint. “This digital bitstream of the album (0s and 1s) was first translated to 901,065 DNA sequences (A, C, T and Gs), every 105 characters lengthy,” famous Grass. “The 901,065 particular person sequences had been then chemically synthesised leading to an artificial DNA pattern, which absolutely represents the digital bitstream of the album.” The DNA sequences had been then saved in “artificial glass fossils,” which had been in flip added to the spray cans.

It doesn’t appear potential presently for the album to be performed again any yet-existing medium, however regardless, it’s one hell of a collector’s merchandise.

Releasing the album in a twig paint can can be a reference to rumors earlier this 12 months that Massive Attack’s Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja was in truth nameless graffiti artist Banksy.

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