See Ozzy Osbourne Turn Introspective in Documentary Trailer

parses feeling like a split personality — “John” (his given name) and “Ozzy” — in the first few frames the trailer for the upcoming documentary, Biography: The Nine Lives Ozzy. The film will premiere at this spring’s South by Southwest festival.

The 86-minute film, which A&E produced as part its “Biography” series, will tell the story the former Black Sabbath singer: from childhood to solo stardom to reality-TV megafame. Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne are among the executive producers the picture, which former Osbournes producer R. Greg Johnston directed.

“I use the talent making people feel somewhat entertained when I was going around — to take it onstage with my music, I suppose, is the same kind a thing,” Ozzy says in one revealing moment.

“I don’t know what music would be like if it weren’t for the influence Ozzy,” Rick Rubin says. “Ozzy changed everything.”

“I think Ozzy’s music is timeless,” Ozzy’s recent collaborator, Post Malone, fers. “It makes me cry and gives me the chills.”

The trailer shows Ozzy looking at pictures himself as a child and going around during his Sabbath days. It also show him onstage as a solo artist over the years. In addition, it features commentary from Kelly, Sharon and Jack Osbourne, along with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Ice-T and Korn’s Jonathan Davis are also featured in the documentary.

“He left one the biggest rock bands in the world and became bigger — a credible artist on his own, finding great new talent. And then he] made it huge on TV,” Sharon says. “Nobody had done that.”

After injuries from a fall sidelined Osbourne for most 2019, the singer will be putting out a new album, Ordinary Man, next month. Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith comprise the rhythm section for the album, which also features guest appearances by Elton John, Tom Morello, Slash and Post Malone. He’s planning on returning to the stage this spring for another North American leg his No More Tours 2 trek.

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