Seven Lions Reveals New Side Project & Debut Show

Seven Lions has spent the last however many years sharing his love for music with the world. Across innumerable EPs and singles, he’s put out drum & bass, dubstep, psytrance, hard style, house, and even a bluegrass track like “Coming Home” on Creation.

Now, he’s taking a new step in his career as he debuts a new project called Abraxis at Dreamstate SoCal.

[Message from the Abraxis Institute] We are looking for people with extraordinary cognitive abilities to become part of…

Posted by Seven Lions on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Following the link in the post above takes you to a faux psychology survey which eventually leads to an 8-bit preview of the project’s first single, “Black Rainbow.”

The Dreamstate lineup poster for the project reveals that it is a collaboration between Seven Lions and Dimibo. Will you be there when they make their debut in just a few months? It’s not something you want to miss.


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