Taigenz shares an expressive visual of his single "Speak The Truth" –

Montreal-based artist Taigenz blends his West-African roots with hip-hop elements on his song “Speak The Truth,” a track that sees him performing on both English and Pidgin English. Produced by Benin’s Raunybeatz, the track has a distinct vibe that takes elements from afro-pop and trap that allows Taigenz to reign free with a catchy melodic flow. Even though the track has an alluring bounce, he still keeps it a buck as he sends a warning shot to the naysayers and would-be perpetrators lurking in the shadows.

For the visuals, he teams up with director Afoali who gives the rhythmic heavy song a colorful aesthetic and enticing element. The main attraction besides Taigenz is the energetic Montreal based urban dancers who flawlessly execute their Afro-Caribbean flavored dance moves. Taigenz is currently working on his album entitled  Life Ain’t Free which will be available on all streaming platforms on October 18th.

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He is currently heading to Los Angeles on January 25th for a performance at the Northern Hospitality Canadian showcase and mixer event at Bronson Bar 

Connect with TaigenzFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

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