Today's "The Day" Nitrous Oxide Returns — Only The Beat

Today's "The Day" Nitrous Oxide Returns -- Only The BeatPolish trance producer, Nitrous Oxide, prefers the less is more approach when creating and releasing music, giving each track his full heart and soul. and making sure that only excellence is tied to the N20 name. Making his return on vocal trance sanctuary, Raz Nitzan Music, and joined with Denise Rivera, “The Day” is the almost 138 track that will keep your hearts warm this winter. Trading in pulsing energy for radiant charm and emotion, “The Day” shines the most the with Denise’s gorgeous and not too overproduced voice that fits right into Nitrous’ euphoric ambiance. A great surprise for any trance lover and hopefully the beginning of a wonderful slew of releases from the uplifting veteran.

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