Useful Idiots: Ro Khanna on Military Spending and the 2020 Primary

In this week’s episode our podcast, hosts and Katie Halper are joined by Congressman Ro Khanna California, who also serves as a national co-chair ’ 2020 presidential campaign. They discuss the DNC’s role in Iowa caucus debacle, and the prospects for New Hampshire and beyond (note: this episode was taped before the New Hampshire primary).

Khanna, who unseated an eight-term incumbent Democrat for his seat in 2016, sits on the House Armed Service Committee, Budget Committee, and Oversight Committee. He has made military spending a central piece his policy initiatives.

“No one talks about what would the defense increase in that budget could actually afford, in terms free public college, in terms school lunches, in terms early childcare,” posits Khanna. “At some point we have to ask, what does resistance to this President really mean? It’s not just casting an impeachment vote. It’s making sure that we’re not giving him a carte blanche to his Pentagon.”

Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper also discuss Chris Matthews’ rant on Bernie Sanders and international socialism, and the prospects mass political executions in Central Park.

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