Watch Green Day's Expletive-Filled NHL All-Star Game Performance

put the censors to work Saturday at the 2020 NHL All-Star Game as Billie Joe Armstrong dropped a series f-bombs during the televised performance.

The band, which agreed to a multi-year partnership with the NHL and debuted their track “Fire, Ready, Aim” as an NHL promo earlier in the season, played a medley “Basket Case” and “American Idiot” during intermission at the hockey showcase, hosted this year by the St. Louis Blues.

While neither track is expletive-filled, Armstrong ad-libbed three “fucks” into his banter with the crowd. “Let’s go fucking crazy!,” he exclaimed midway through “American Idiot.” Armstrong’s f-bombs were muted from broadcast by U.S. censors, they were reportedly heard on Canadian television.

Soon after Green Day’s performance, the band was trending on Twitter for their f-bombing a “family friendly” event. “Fuckin cool fuckin night in St. Fuckin Louis!!,” Tre Cool later quipped, while the band’s Twitter also had some fun with the situation:

The NHL has not commented on Green Day’s performance at press time.

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