WATCH: Martin Garrix Creates His Massive New Hit In The Studio from Scratch

In the latest episode of The Martin Garrix Show, our protagonist begins by getting a positive prognosis after his surgery for an injured ankle. He gets in the car and he’s off…

The next we see him, he’s on a patio with Dean Lewis and STMPD label manager Steven Hiemstra as they show him their collaboration “Used To Love” for the first time. The song came out on Halloween, a bit of an odd choice for such an uplifting song as this. It’s also doing very well on streaming services, sitting at nearly 20 million plays after 20 days on Spotify.

“I’ve never seen anyone with that kind of energy,” Dean says. “I was watching him in the studio and– you never know when you work with someone if they’re like– if really good songwriters come in and write with them, but I came in and he’s really, really good at what he does. There’s no doubt in my mind why he’s at this point because he’s really exciting by it and passionate and he works really hard.”

Watch the full episode below and stay tuned for the next week next week.



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