Yajna Surprises On New Single Entitled “Femenomenal”

The London based Swedish singer Yajna dropped an outstanding single entitled “Femenomenal”. The empowering song is the second part of trilogy Rising Phoenix, which has started with a single “You are beautiful” that was released earlier this month. 

On the flawless track, Yajna focuses on spreading self-love and reminding listeners about being honest with themselves, accepting their life mistakes and standing strong during the darkest times. True to herself, Yajna delivers a concept in a self-love-travel narrative that doubles as an allegory of losing and recovering one’s way.

“Femenomenal” is a near-perfect blend of soul, R&B, indie and pop that can blow the charts any time now. Follow Yajna on her Instagram and Facebook, and have a listen to “Femenomenal” below:

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