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Last month, YBN Nahmir was asked about Cordae (formerly known as YBN Cordae) deciding to break away from the rest of the YBN collective. The 21-year-old rapper seemed to put some of the blame on an unnamed person that was pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

“The old n##### in the background, you gotta remember, it’s always somebody that’ll come around and fill your head up and f### it over. That’s what happened,” said Nahmir. “It’ll be old people or somebody else that’ll tell you, ‘You better than them.”

He continued, “They don’t give a f### about you.’ All that s###. And that filled up all our heads. Not just me, not just Jay, not Cordae, but other YBN members too.”

YBN Nahmir Explains How “Old People” Played A Role In YBN Crew Splitting Up

The “Rubbin Off the Paint” performer’s longtime musical partner, YBN Almighty Jay, may have exposed the individual Nahmir was referring to in his No Jumper interview. Jay blasted veteran entertainment lawyer James McMillan on Instagram.

“This n#### James McMillan is a fraud. He [signs] n##### to janky deals and f### em over. Nobody [knows] NOTHING about the s### we go through on the daily basis being signed to this n#### cause we cover for this [n####’s] a##. I’m done with this s###,” posted Jay on IG.

According to The Root, McMillan is the head of the [email protected] label which signed a joint venture deal with Atlantic Records. The Hampton University graduate is also said to be closely associated with Cordae. Additionally, McMillan reportedly worked with New Edition, 8 Ball & MJG, H.E.R., Machine Gun Kelly, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Kodak Black.

In 2017, McMillan told The Huffington Post:

I see a lot of artists choosing the wrong team to guide them through their career. Some artists will be really talented but in addition to promoting their talent, they want to promote their friends. They often choose to be in business with the wrong people, with people that make them feel comfortable but not necessarily have their best interest at heart or have no business savvy. Additionally, they don’t protect their brands and trademarks. They don’t copyright or form the right corporate entities to protect themselves from lawsuits. They tie up their intellectual property or assets or negotiate it away for quick money, before their career even has a chance to take off.

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