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Wack 100 has said some questionable things in the past but his latest remarks are downright horrible. Recently, Wack told Ray J to jump off the ledge after the singer shared his suicidal thoughts on his Instagram page.

On Thursday (Oct. 6), Ray J posted and deleted some suicidal thoughts on his Instagram account, which alarmed many of his fans. In one video, the singer-turned-tech entrepreneur appeared to be sitting on some kind of ledge while he zoomed in on a full moon. In the caption he wrote, "If it wasn't for my kids I would jump off and die tonight." In another clip, Ray J is sitting on a ledge with his feet dangling off while he panned to the ground below. “SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit. Now!!! ????” he captioned the since-deleted video.

Wack 100 also saw Ray J's posts and slid into the comment section to write his dastardly remark. "JUMP GET IT OVER WITH[!!] WE DONT PLAY LIKE THIS ON PIRU," the veteran rap manager typed in all caps.

An insider close to Ray J told TMZ that the 41-year-old star was drinking at the time and was "messing around." The source added that he's doing well and is with his family.

Nevertheless, the video sparked concern from Ray J's sister Brandy. The Grammy Award-winning sibling wrote in the comment section, "Need you bro @rayj [prayer hands emoji]."

It's strange that Wack 100 would write something so insensitive to Ray J since he did manage his career back in the days. It appears things have changed.

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