While Young Thug is waiting to stand trial in his racketeering case, it appears he is tweeting from jail and people are confused by his tweets.

It started on Tuesday (Aug. 30), when Young Thug (or possibly someone else) hopped on his Twitter page and tweeted, "I love me some Mrs. Spider [spider emoji]." Then, on Wednesday afternoon (Aug. 31), Thugger wrote, "I'm talking with my roommate and we're wondering if you could swim 100 miles from the middle of the ocean back to shore – @MichaelPhelps 🏊‍♂️."

What does all of this mean? We have no idea. It’s also unclear if that’s really Thug tweeting from Fulton County Jail. Nevertheless, Young Thug’s tweets are confusing a lot people because the Atlanta rapper is currently incarcerated yet he seems to have access to social media.

"U tryna escape[?]" tweeted one person.

Another fan typed, "You should NOT be worrying about this rn."

However, some people did actually answer Thug’s question about swimming 100 miles from the middle of the ocean to the shore.

"An elite swimmer can swim a mile in a pool in about 16 minutes. Taking into account the rough conditions of the ocean, the lack of food or clean water, and the insane about of time it would take, no I don't think even the world's best swimmer would survive," wrote one user.

Another commenter tweeted, "Probably not. People have swam the English Channel, which is 150 miles, but the ocean is much more difficult to swim in due to tides and currents."

There’s no word if Olympian Michael Phelps will answer Young Thug’s burning question.

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