Benzino blasted 50 Cent in a Twitter rant at the weekend, accusing the rapper of trying to lure his daughter away from him with the promise of a role on one of his shows. He also claimed that the G Unit boss is being sued for using the BMF trademark without consent. 

Last week, 50 Cent inserted himself into the controversy surrounding Benzino’s alleged relationship with transgender actress Shauna Brooks. The former The Source boss denies ever having any relationship with Brooks and ultimately threatened violence in a Twitter tirade.  

50 Cent Wants To Make Coi Leray A TV Star

Now, 50 Cent is attempting to capitalize on Benzino’s strained relationship with his daughter Coi Leray. “Now would be a good time to stop hating on @coileray, Fiddy penned on Instagram. “I’m gonna make her show up on your Tv😆🛑STOP worrying about a first week WORK. GLG🚦GreenLightGang #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi” 

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Meanwhile, Benzino – who recently gave 50 Cent the moniker “59” labeling him “the first Hip Hop rat,” in reference to notorious snitch 6ix9ine – claimed that 50 Cent is being sued. 

Benzino Claims 50 is Hiding A Lawsuit

“Hey RATMAN aka 59,” he wrote in response to Fiddy’s post. “I appreciate u putting my Coi on but does she know you and STARS ain’t been seeing eye to eye lately. Well I just got my hands on a federal lawsuit saying that the “BMF” trademark isn’t yours & knew about it & never told Meech or STARS. Big mistake you dummy.” 

Furthermore, Benzino alleged that 50 Cent kept the suit secret and threatened to release the entire lawsuit.  

He continued, “You crossed a line with my kid but that’s ok, she’ll have to live with the decision she made to go against her father to deal with the opps.” He added that his daughter’s obvious “disloyalty” will lead to “her downfall.”  

Benzino also asserted that “I never ever hated on my own daughter,” claiming it was in fact the reverse. He says Coi “dissed me in a song, calls me broke in every interview I’ve done, all I’ve done was correct the lies on me. Y’all can run with that bs narrative, idgaf, I’ve never tried to play with someone’s kid like he did.” 

However, Benzino declared they are “at war,” and he’s not going to tolerate 50’s attempts to turn his daughter against him. However, he then took aim at Coi LeRay’s fans for not supporting her and accused them of jealousy.  

“What really gets me is ALL this love and support for Coi but none of y’all bought the album,” he ranted. “Y’all are fake asf, all this “I love her” “she’s grown on me” “I wanna see her win” is all BS! All y’all wanna do is comment for likes and attention. GO BUY HER ALBUM! You f##### weirdos.” 

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