Brooklyn-bred rapper Bobby Shmurda burst onto the mainstream music scene in 2014 thanks to his “Hot N####” single. The Top 10 hit gained popularity partly because of Shmurda’s viral dance moves in the video.

Since his release from prison in February 2021, Bobby Shmurda continued to showcase his love for dancing and having fun. The 28-year-old rapper fully embraced the turn-up by dropping the “Hoochie Daddy” track.

So-called Hoochie Daddy shorts became a trend over the last year. The fashion choice sparked debates on social media among men and women about masculinity, male stereotypes, and gender norms.

Bobby Shmurda Defends Hoochie Daddy Shorts

Apple Music’s Ebro Darden spoke to Bobby Shmurda about his new Bodboy EP which dropped on August 5. Their conversation also included the GS9 representative talking about the Hoochie Daddy craze.

“The people who are saying about the shorts and stuff, I feel like they got insecurities or some s###, they might even be insecure about some s###,’ said Bobby. “Because I don’t know how you don’t want to wear no shorts for no girls.”

The man born Ackquille Pollard continued, “You want a whole bunch of durags and flags for n##### outside, for guys, for dudes. But if a girl wants you to dress sexy, dress sexy for the girls. Ladies’ man, that’s some ladies’ man s###. You don’t want no girls?”

The Brooklynite Explains Why He Doesn’t Use Guns In His Videos

Unlike many of his fellow under-30 rappers, Bobby Shmurda decided not to flaunt firearms in his music videos. Even his 818 million-viewed “Hot N####” visuals from eight years ago, which contain lyrics about street violence, were presented as gun-free.

“Where I’m from, we don’t do that. We don’t do no guns in no videos, you might not be able to come back to the hood [if] you put a gun in a video,” explained Bobby Shmurda to Ebro Darden.

Shmurda continued, “That’s dangerous. Like people will f### around and shoot your ass for putting guns in the video and making cops come around here. You’re making the neighborhood hot. Because where I’m from, n##### would clap your ass back in the days for that, when I was growing up.”