Busta Rhymes interrupted a performance to address a couple in the audience after the woman attempted to g#### him during his set.  

Footage emerged of the incident showing Bus-a-Bus reacting to the handsy woman by slapping her hand away. After chastising the woman, he then proceeds to offer a few words to her companion warning, “I’ll f### your girl.” 

“Stop the music,” Busta Rhymes demanded, mid-performance. “Back up, back up. I dropped my ring down here.” 

He then addresses the concert-goer in the front row before turning to her partner standing beside her. “Hey shorty, you with your man, right?” he asked. Before she could reply, he directed his attention to her boyfriend. “That’s your girl? What kinda s### you on letting her continue to grab me up. I’m a grown man. I’ll f### your girl, bro.” 

Busta Rhymes continued: “I don’t wanna f### your girl. I got a good one at home. This is a weird thing. Weird times. She touched me and s### […] She might do some police s###. I’m not with it.” 

Busta Rhymes Says “Tame Your Girl”

The “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” rapper added, “Tame your girl.” 

Busta Rhymes explained his angry reaction later in the clip, blaming his response on the current state of the culture.  

“This is a weird day, a weird time,” the NYC hitmaker stated. “She touched me and s###, y’all got them little funny ass camera phones [filming], and I don’t agree with that. She might do some police s###. I’m not with it.” 

He continued, “She ain’t from my day. In my time, we didn’t f### with all these cameras, homie.” Finally, Busta Rhymes directed the boyfriend to “take your girl and tell her to stand behind you.” 

 As security approached the stage, Busta again demanded, “Stand behind your man, sweetheart.” Check out the clip below.  

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