The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, Georgia, has unveiled the latest gang to be hit with RICO charges – and rap lyrics will be a factor in prosecuting the case.

Earlier this week, prosecutors unveiled the 220-count indictment against a gang called Drug Rich, whose members have been terrorizing the city since at least 2016. 

According to the indictment, the Drug Rich gang originated in Stone Mountain and other areas of DeKalb County, Georgia,

The gang popped up on authorities’ radar during an investigation in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in 2021, after a string of home invasions.

Through an investigation, police were able to link the Drug Rich gang to at least 13 violent home invasions, including one where a man was shot during the incident.

Gang members were allegedly responsible for the recent burglary of Mariah Carey’s $5 million mansion, robbing influencer Marlo Hampton and targeting rapper Gunna, who is also being held without bail in a separate RICO case with rapper Young Thug. 

Prosecutors say the gang would target victims based on affluence and then monitor their social media accounts before robbing their marks.

Last week, Drug Rich leader Jeremy Caldwell was arrested in connection with Mariah Carey’s burglary, in addition to the RICO case, as were Terryion Anderson and Jalen Huff.

The three men were arrested in Miami, Florida. 

According to the indictment, in addition to the traditional evidence that prosecutors gathered against 26 members of the gang, investigators are also pointing to rap lyrics and videos which allegedly incriminate the members.