Is there anything Jamie Foxx can’t do? 

Jamie Foxx is one of the most talented artists in the game, with critically acclaimed award-winning performances as an actor, comedian, and singer. However, his latest viral moment comes from his skills as an impressionist.  

The multi-hyphenate flexed his talent while promoting his new action-comedy vampire movie, Day Shift. He joined co-star Snoop Doog on the Rap Radar Podcast hosted by Elliot Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller. 

“I love Snoop D-O Double-G. Great person,” Jamie Foxx said, mimicking Donald Trump’s distinctive cadence. When asked if he loves Death Row, he nailed some key Trumpisms in response: “I love Death Row Records. I love Death Ro…” as the group erupted in laughter, Foxx said, “Excuse Me. Excuse me, fake news. I love Death Row.”  

He also turned to one of Trump’s favorite topics: Covis-19. “They tried to give me the virus,” Jamie Foxx yelled, Donald Trump style. “I beat the virus.” 

Finally, Jamie Foxx couldn’t keep up going any longer and burst into laughter himself. “He said ‘they’ tried to give him the virus’,” he mocked, speaking in his own voice. “Who is they?” 

Jamie Foxx shared his Donald Trump impersonation on Instagram and teased a new stand-up show coming. 

“That time #donaldtrump showed up and the press junket for DAYSHIFT!!! Can’t wait for y’all to see my new stand-up!!! We coming!!!! #backonmyfunnyshit @netflix dayshift streaming now!!! 

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It isn’t the first time Jamie Foxx has shown off his spot-on impersonations of former presidents. His impersonations wheelhouse includes President Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton. Check them out below.