Kevin Hart has entered the fast food business with a restaurant called Hart House.

The comedian opened his plant-based restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday (August 25). Kevin Hart’s new business offers burgers and sandwiches within the $5-7 price range.

“Our business is in the business of feeling good,” he told Associated Press. “That’s what Kevin Hart is about.”

The restaurant launched with the help of restaurateur Andy Hooper and chef Mike Salem, who was the head of culinary innovation at Burger King. The latter developed Hart House’s menu.

“I say this all the time: ‘Live, love, laugh,’” Kevin Hart said. “Here, we say ‘Eat your hart out.’ People have a curiosity about plant-based food. It’s something I eat. It’s really good. When you look at other restaurants, Hart House is just as good and maybe even better in some respects.”

Kevin Hart hopes to open six more Hart Houses before the end of 2022. Construction is already underway on two other locations in Los Angeles.

“This is a new generation and new way of thinking when it comes to food consumption,” he told the AP. “This is the beginning stages for us. We will continue to get better over time.”

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