The Nnutthowze is a trio from Kansas City, Missouri consisting of Phlaque the Grimstress, Tech N9ne & Zkeircrow. Formed by the future Strange Music founder 3 decades ago already, their only full-length LP to date Welcome to My Asylum would go on to become incredibly pivotal in the development of Tech’s image & rap style that would carry him to success. But after reforming once the pandemic started to clear up, the 6688846993 is officially making their Halloween to be Siqnaling the Siqly as their debut EP.

After the “Enter Nnutthowze Soiree” intro, the first song “The Siqnal” starts off the EP with a trap/rock crossover dedicated to all of those have been outcasted whereas “Wanna See Me Fall” featuring X-Raided finds the quartet over a darker instrumental talking about how people wanna see you fail. “Wind Me Up” featuring King Iso morbidly cautions that they’ll get ghostly if you approach them just before “Death Tries Like an F5” addresses mass killings over a trap metal beat.

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“Glitch Up” takes a cloudier boom bap route sending a message to those they be hearing doing fuck with them leading into the quirky but still eerie “What Happened to You?” talking about being at a loss for words after noticing something off. After the “Whispers in the Dark” skit & prior to the “Enter the Clergy of Crays” outro, the final song “We’re Home” featuring Seuss Mace joins Tech N9ne & Zkeircrow providing music for the soul over an atmospheric trap instrumental.

I generally enjoyed their reunion cuts on Tech’s latest couple albums & 30 years after the Nnutthowze’s debut album, they outdo themselves on a 10 track EP preluding their sophomore album Clergy of Crays. The production is better than it was on Welcome to My Asylum, the chemistry between all 3 members is still strong & solid feature choices on top of it.

Score: 8/10