It is the dang on biscuits… nobody or nothing can resist them.

A real live alligator was found in a local Popeye’s restaurant in Laurel, Mississippi, on Leontyne Price Boulevard last week (August 22nd).

According to WREG, authorities believe the extended rainy weather might have been the reason the three-foot reptile came through the chicken spot’s drive-thru.

Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox said because the rain pours, more might pop up, so neighbors should keep their pets inside, just in case a gator gets crazy.

Witnesses called animal control to secure the wild animal, and by the time of their arrival, the gator had moved from the car lane and gone over to the fast-food joint’s dumpster.

An officer had to secure the alligator with a catch pole and placed the reptile in a dog box in the rear of his vehicle.

It took two people to get the alligator back to the wild. The officer was joined by the game warden with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) to liberate the beast outside of the city limits.

One animal control supervisor informed WREG it is not uncommon and that they catch about one gather every year. However, this makes the second one picked up this year.

While being relocated, the alligator was not harmed, according to the source.