Autumn! recently had a humbling moment on tour after having to cancel his final show when he sold less than 100 tickets.

The Louisiana rapper just wrapped up his A Qwik Tour 2, which ended one show early. Autumn! was supposed to play the Believe Music Hall in Atlanta on Thursday (Aug. 18), but he canceled the show due to lack of ticket sales. Autumn! hopped on his Instagram Story to relay the sad news to fans this afternoon.

"I don't know if y'all seen but, yes, the Atlanta show is canceled," he says in the video. "And I'ma keep it a whole stack with y'all, we ain't coming because we only sold 85 tickets. I don't know how that shit even possible, I sold 800 tickets last tour."

"I had the option to push it back but I told them no," he continues. "I don't even feel like doing it no more. I don't know if niggas got school or what, but I'm good on that. That was the show I was looking forward to the most, too. So, whoever got your ticket, you ’bout to get your refund."

Autumn! has been building his name on the underground scene for the last few years, releasing nearly a dozen projects since 2018. Last year, he signed to Steven Victor's Victor Victor Worldwide label. In April, he released his Antagonist! album, which features the single "Bentley Bentayga!" Last month, he put out the EP ##B4gc2 ##B4gc2.

Sometimes, even the biggest artists in the game have humble beginnings.

Hear Autumn! Revealing He Canceled His Show Due to Lack of Ticket Sales Below

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