Imagine just getting started and dropping a born to be classic right away. The DC-based artist Gill $tackz knows how it feels, as his debut single “Ballin” is the hip-hop masterpiece the audience was waiting for. Gill blends diverse genres of hip-hop into one bowl of creative explosion. His lyricism is not your average mumble hype; his tunes will never bore you. “Ballin” is the classic hip-hop we were so hungry for. 

The track is a tasteful mixture of the 60’s and 70’s famous Washington DC signature Gogo rap, and 90’s cult classic hip-hop. The heavy sounding swagger is the most empowering track you’ve come across in a very long time. The power pours from every verse, and the melodic trap styled tone gives it a flavor impossible to explain with words. 

The track is a manifesto for self-love and respect. Gill $tackz knows what pain is, his journey was not an easy one, but he learned from it and became the man he is proud of today. “Ballin” is his love confession to the empowerment and strength of a self. He inspires you to value yourself, stay in shape no matter what and delivers his message in an exact, firm, and fresh rap accompanied with smooth vocals and banging beats.