Gucci Mane has turned over a whole new leaf since returning home from prison in 2016 but Guwop may be contemplating reverting to his old wild ways.

On Friday (April 17), he posted a photo on Instagram that asked fans to weigh in. Gucci uploaded a pic of himself holding a red ball in one hand and a blue one in the other.

"Red pill Old Gucci back," one side of the photo reads, in a nod to the film The Matrix. "Blue pill New Gucci continue to live a better life," the other side notes.

"#FBF What’s your choice?" Guwop captioned the photo.

The question received mixed reviews from fans in the comment section.

"Blue why live in the past… come ok na Mr Davis," one person stated.

"RED PILL BACK WHEN YOU HAD THEM FOR 18,500," another IG user posted.

Chingy said he'd like to see a combination. "New Gucci healthy spiritually mentally and physically, old Gucci keep it G, I say both 👌🏾," the rapper posted.

Gucci's question comes just a week after he surprised some people with a social media post that seemed uncharacteristic of the new, older and more mature 'Wop where he wished death upon his detractors.

"I pray my haters die of corona virus," he tweeted along with a face-mask emoji.

Gucci Mane has been keeping his nose clean and staying mostly drama free since he came home in 2016. We are still waiting on his first project release of 2020. His 1017 Eskimo label compilation, Cold Day in Hell, is expected to drop on May 25.

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