Irv Gotti is flipping the blame on why he is continually bringing up his past relationship with Ashanti.

Last night (Aug. 29), The Shade Room interviewed Irv Gotti before the 2022 MVT VMAs. The recently controversial figure was asked why he keeps speaking on his relationship with Ashanti that transpired roughly 20 years ago. His response certainly held some weight.

"Did I bring Ashanti up or did you just ask me, 'Why you keep talking about Ashanti?'" Gotti responded. "You did it. Here's what I'm gonna say: I wish Ashanti nothing but the best."

He continued, "I got paid to do a documentary on my life an on Murder Inc. If I didn't talk about Ashanti, you would've been like, 'What type of bullshit is this that he didn't speak about [Ashanti]? She's too important to Murder Inc. and his life.'"

He added that he believes people tried to "me too" him, presumably following his comments about how he initiated his relationship with the singer. "I read the comments. You know what the fucking comments say. Stop it Shade Room. Stop it Shade Room. Y'all the shadiest muthafuckas out here."

If you've been on the internet over the last month, you've probably seen a headline or two about Gotti and Ashanti. The Murder Inc. co-founder first brought her up during an interview on Drink Champs, and then it snowballed from there when the BET documentary on Murder Inc. dropped.

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