Rap star French Montana is doing his part to wipe out the scourge of drug addiction thanks to a new partnership with the Guardian Recovery Network.

Through the partnership, French and GRN have launched NAQI Healthcare, which will offer in-home and private accommodation detoxification services.

Currently, French is targeting clients in Florida, New York, Texas, and California. However, the rap star hopes to expand the partnership with NAQI Healthcare in the near future.

“When I lost my good friend Mac Miller to addiction, it was devastating to all of us. I only wish he had services like NAQI before it was too late,” French Montana explained.

Clients battling addiction will receive a treatment team and 24/7 medical and clinical care in the best location for them.

French and the Guardian Recovery Network team believe NAQI Healthcare will help deliver favorable results for those who have not been able to receive personal care for their dependence in the past. 

“I’ve seen many of us artists’ struggle. The music industry is no joke, it lifts a lot of us up, but it can tear you down just as fast,” French Montana said.

The partnership with Guardian Recovery Network is a continuation of French Montana’s mission in the healthcare field.

After the rap star visited Uganda in 2017 to perform to shoot the video for his hit single “Unforgettable” featuring Swae Lee, French saw firsthand the hardships locals faced when it came to healthcare.

French eventually teamed up with the Mama Hope Foundation and Global Citizen and opened the Suubi “Hope” Maternity Center to help serve over 300,000 people who need healthcare services in Uganda.

French, Montana, and NAQI Healthcare are working on an annual fundraising music event to give away 100% of the earnings to create scholarships for people needing mental health and substance abuse treatment nationwide.

For more information, check out https://www.naqihealth.com.