Jake Oulton’s second track is out under the proud name “Life On The Highway”. Boasting some powerful beats and serious music, this song is inspiring from top to bottom. “Home is where the heart is,” Jake sings and this one line is enough to become a superhit.

“I’m living on the highway, trying to find my way home, to the place I belong, because I’ve been gone too long,” goes the chorus, appealing to all those who are far from home or have maybe lost their way in life. “Life On The Highway” is hopeful, though, showing the audience that determination and consistency will show them the path. 

Hailing from Canada, Jake Oulton is a masterful writer who can easily mix country, rap, hip hop and r&b and come up with something beautiful each time. His previous release called “Rodeo” was an incredibly vibrant single that transmitted the artist’s passion for music and his talent to the audience.

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