Sham’s new work can be easily described as an upbeat set of light, breezy dance-pop. With her art-pop fantasy and unpredictable rhythms of pop in its most down-the-middle iterations, creating a unique musical experience on Discoveries. 

The highlight of the album is the lyrical side of Sham’s artistry. Her approach to storytelling exposes her as a very skilled songwriter and someone who can build narratives by connecting words and melodies. 

These five songs never sound anything less than polished, and it’s clear that Sham’s team did a great job in creating an acoustic vibe that makes you feel like laying down on a beach and simply chill. Especially, when you listen to her love ballade named “You,” where Sham delivers an outstanding guitar performance. 

The strongest track on Discoveries has to be the closing song titled “Free,” – the peppy synth-pop shuffle, and 80s mood show that Sham is ready to experiment with her sound, and she is on an exciting musical journey.