Mayia’s debut single “Temporary” is a fantastic song that has already captivated tens of thousands of people. An exceptional artist, Mayia boasts powerful vocals taking any note in an effortlessly charming way and makes every note blossom on its own. The music is absolutely exquisite with front and center beats that feel futuristic and melodies that melt into each other creating ecstatic harmony.

Bending various genres to her will, the talented singer-songwriter creates a cocktail of jazz, r&b, pop and more that sounds just perfect. Since very young, Mayia learned to play the drums, followed by the saxophone and the piano, which is truly incredible. Her unique musical language reflects on her personal real-life experiences and emotions that come from the heart. Truly bold and full of charisma, “Temporary” is just the first of the amazing pieces of art that Mayia has been working on.

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