YBN Almighty Jay is telling his side of the story of the YBN breakup saga.

On Wednesday (March 3), YBN Almighty Jay put up a post on Instagram, accusing manager and lawyer James McMillan of shady dealings concerning the group. "This nigga James McMillan is a fraud," Jay posted. "He sign niggas to janky deals and fuck em over. Nobody know nothing about the shit we go through on a daily basis being signed to this nigga ’cause we cover for this niggas ass. I'm done with this shit."

Both YBN Nahmir and Cordae appeared to cosign Jay's sentiments by liking the Instagram post. Jay later followed up on the topic in his Instagram Story with more accusations against McMillan. "Trademarking the YBN name behind niggas backs," he added. "Assigned me a lawyer he used to be engaged to without telling me. SMH. Took advantage of some kids bro."

Jay went on to blame McMillan for the group's disbandment. "If y'all really wanna know why YBN broke up," he concluded.

XXL reached out to YBN Nahmir's team and James McMillan, both of whom had "no comment" on the situation at this time. XXL has also reached out to the group's former management for a statement.

YBNAlmightyJay via Instagram
YBNAlmightyJay via Instagram
YBNAlmightyJay via Instagram

The promising YBN crew, formerly consisting of YBN Nahmir, YBN Cordae and Almighty Jay, released their only collaboration project YBN: The Mixtape in 2018. Signs of a breakup surfaced last summer when Nahmir announced he was the only member of the crew still standing. A short time later, YBN Cordae confirmed he was stepping away from the crew and dropped the "YBN" from his moniker.

YBN Almighty Jay's revelation comes as he is prepping the release of his debut solo project, Battling My Spirit, which drops on Friday (March 5).

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