In the footsteps of some of the most successful female music groups, ZAM Official have recently begun their rapid rise in music. Just recently, they released a new single, “No Reason,” a record home to multiple ingredients to secure a striking success. Rasti, Goldi and Mika are the three talented artists behind ZAM Official. Just eight months after they started making music, they managed to sign a deal with an independent record label, marking the official launch of their career. Moving fast to take the urban music world by storm, ZAM Official have already released the singles “Chatter” and “Switch” in 2020, and “Diamonds,” “Selfish” and “No Reason” in 2021. 

“No Reason” follows a similar storytelling trajectory as their previous single “Selfish,” sharing the story of a guy who could do a million things to impress a girl, but the girl still won’t give him a chance. The message behind the lyrics is one of empowerment and self-confidence, an inspiring narrative for all the girls in the world in search of strong role models.