According to Reason, 50 Cent‘s BMF show has the worst acting on TV, but that’s why it’s great.

Reason Thinks 50 Cent’s BMF Has the Worst Acting on Television

On Tuesday (March 5), Reason hit up X, formerly known as Twitter, to offer up his opinion on Starz’s BMF. In what could certainly be considered a backhanded compliment, the Top Dawg Entertainment spitter explains that while he doesn’t think too highly of the quality of acting on the 50 Cent-produced series based on the infamous Black Mafia Family, he more than enjoys the show nonetheless.

“Bmf got the worst acting on television and I’m here for every second of it,” Reason writes in the tweet below.

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Reason Doubles Down on BMF Bad Acting Claim While Praising 50 Cent’s TV Shows

After Reason caught wind that many fans appear to agree with his opinions regarding the wildly popular TV show, the California rapper doubled down on his statement, praising 50 Cent’s production work in the process. When 2Cool2Bl0g shared Reason’s tweet to their Instagram account on Wednesday (March 6), he slid into the comments section to further explain his sentiments toward BMF and its actors.

“The show HEAT!!!,” He commented. “Lol 50 got me tuned into every show he drop! N***as just can’t act.”

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Check out Reason’s opinion on how the poor quality of acting on 50 Cent’s BMF makes the show great in the Instagram posts below.

Reason Says the Acting on BMF is the Worst But He’s Here for It

Reason Praises 50 Cent While Doubling Down on BMF‘s Bad Acting

50 Cent’s BMF Show Has the Worst Acting on TV But That’s Why It’s Great, Reason Says



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