(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent might be winning as a television producer and rap star but in most people’s eyes, when it comes to his relationship with his oldest son Marquise Jackson, he’s not getting any gold medals.

Fans wanted to know if the “In Da Club” rapper saw his industry son, Tekashi 6ix9ine since he was released from prison to home confinement a few days ago.

And 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, told them he had not and had no intention of checking for the Brooklyn unicorn.

He said on his Instagram Live:

“Nah… I ain’t heard from 6ix9ine. He’s his mother’s child now. He told on everybody.”

After a moment, he chimed back in. “He better than Marquise though. I’ll take him before I take my actual biological… haha… F##k that n##ga”

Really, Fif?

His son, who looks exactly like him, got wind that his pops was talking about him clapped back. The younger Jackson said, “Did he just say he would claim a rat?”

“I don’t want no parts of that cheese big fella!" Marquise Jackson shot back.

50 and Marquise have had a strained relationship since 2008, when the boy stood up to his dad over a dispute with his mother.

The 22-year-old is the child of the “Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper with his childhood sweetheart, Shaniqua Thompkins. Thompkins was there holding Fif down during the early years, through the hood beefs, jaw-shootings and first couple of millions.

The "Power" exec shared back in 2008, “My relationship with my son is changing because me and his mom aren’t friends anymore.”

While his relationship with Marquise is horrible (or non-existent as he once said: he wouldn’t have a bad day if his son was ‘hit by a bus), he seems to be an amazing dad to his youngest son, Sire.

If Marquise inherited his dad’s good looks, at seven years old, Sire has inherited his addictively charming personality on social. The youngest Jackson’s Instagram is filled with the cutest shots of the young king.

And almost every time 50 posts him, the love just oozes through of the page.

In a perfect world, 50 and Marquise will work out their differences and the two siblings will get to share a healthy bond as brothers.