(AllHipHop News) Call 50 Cent whatever you want… epic troller… bully… whatever… but what you can’t ever say is that the rapper with a thousand jobs is lazy.

And while the 90s gave us the emcee, and the first two decades gave us the executive… we now have 50 Cent, the Hollywood hustler and don’t you think TV is just a little more interesting cause he is in it?

Coming off of his epic run with the hit STARZ series "Power," the anticipation of those four spin-off shows and the hype around his ABC show "For Life," people are wondering what else could he do as a television visionary that can top them.

A biopic about one of the most infamous organized crime families in American history: The Black Mafia Family.

While he announced he was going to do the project last year, it was not greenlighted until yesterday (April 7th.)

The network behind it? The show will live on STARZ, the network that has really made Curtis Jackson (50’s government) a player in the space.

No date has been announced, but we can expect it late this year or early early next (2021). COVID-19 has basically had its hands around the throats of production studios, shutting down filming of any kind due to rigid and important self-distancing requirements.

Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch shares: “This is a project Curtis has always been incredibly passionate about and we are excited to have him as our partner in bringing it to life.”

“Black Mafia Family has all the hallmarks of a great drama, from the larger-than-life Flenory brothers to the deadly, high-stakes world they inhabited.” He further reveals, “This series is going to be an incredible ride for audiences around the world.”

Those who know the street lore, understand the real and complicated the story of the Black Mafia Family.

Founded in the late 80s, founding brother Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory hustled all over the country, allegedly competing with the most legendary cartels to flush the streets with soft.

To launder some of their money, they reportedly hosted rap concerts and started a record label. In 2005, the DEA snagged the brothers under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statue and sentenced them to 30 years apiece. They didn’t go down alone, and in the end, over 150 others were locked up.

BMF was getting that bag: Sources say that over 25,000 worked for them and they made over $270 million throughout their run.

We are interested to see how 50 tells their story.