Big Hit is a 52 year old rapper from California notable for being the father of one of hip hop’s most in-demand producers that we’ve seen in recent memory: Hit-Boy. He was found guilty & convicted of a hit & run resulting in great bodily injury almost a decade ago, unlawfully being sentenced to 12 years & 4 months in prison including a 5-year GBI enhancement connected to Count 1. This February, his petition for a writ of habeas corpus was granted & became a free man few weeks ahead of his son’s 36th birthday. Hit would have his father join forces by making Surf or Drown 2 a collab effort tailored for Father’s Day Weekend & now only less than a couple weeks until Christmas, they’re keeping it rolling except Hit-Boy is fully producing his dad’s official full-length solo debut album.

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The title track is a symphonic opener to the album talking about keeping it gangsta so I ain’t got shit to hide whereas “Red Lotion” featuring Jay Worthy & RJ finds the trio boasting that they’re flamed up & burning forever on top of a drumless soul sample. “Load ‘Em Up” featuring the Baby Stone Gorillas sets out to load it the sticks, spin the block, load ‘em up & pull off in the Lotus truck leading into “Take Some Off of That” going into trap turf with co-production from Rogét Chahayed calling out those who ain’t cut from the same cloth as him.

“Extra Clips” gives off a smoother edge to the instrumental describing the way he lived in the streets proclaiming the LA County Sheriffs to be worse than the feds just before “Wigglin’” featuring Mozzy shifts gears by lacing a chill backdrop with hi-hats & even a g-funk beat switch during the end of it as both of them admitting they’re trappin’ again, but then “Broke the Mold” luxuriously disses all the copycats out here these days.

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Big Hit’s son joins his dad on the mic for the booming “A$AP Chauncey” looking to run it up while “Boo Bop” works in these strings & later keys accompanied by hi-hats dropping braggadocio on the lyrical front. “Shoppin’ Monster” featuring Snoop Dogg fuses elements of trap & g-funk so both of them can celebrate while the highlight “Man, I’m Rollin’” gives off a jazzier flare thanks to The Alchemist rockin’ shit that’s fresh off the showroom floor.

“Breaking the Ice” featuring Half-a-Mil & J. Stone weaves together pianos chords with kicks & snares so everyone can handle business while “The Pain is Deep” gives off a g-funk vibe once more admitting that if this is heaven, then he doesn’t even wanna see hell. “Inspiration” featuring Figg Newton & Killa Twan is a decent trap cut dedicated to everyone catching cases while “Speaking in Codes” featuring Benny the Butcher does that general sound significantly better advising that the sharks gotta learn to finesse around.

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The penultimate track “Stay On” featuring Big Tray Deee formerly of the LBC Crew & Tha Eastsidaz finds the 2 joining forces over a funky boom bap beat as both of them make it known that they’ve paid their debts to society after spending time behind bars prior to “G’z Don’t Cry” closes out Big Hit’s debut LP that’s been almost a decade in the making by soulfully admitting that the titular rule is in fact a lie.

Now for those of you who just got into Big Hit this spring when he came home & put out Surf or Drown 2 with his son the next month for Father’s Day, there’s no way that you’re not gonna walk away from The Truth is in My Eyes liking it more since you get a better look of who he is artistically & personally. Even though a few guests fall flat, the overall sound impressively ranges from boom bap to trap & g-funk on top of Big Hit’s passionate performances.

Score: 7/10