On the We in Miami podcast, Benzino says he could beat 50 Cent in a fight.

Benzino Says He Would Win In a Fight Against 50 Cent

Benzino made another appearance on the popular We in Miami podcast, which premiered on Wednesday (April 24) on their YouTube channel. During their convo, host Slim Stunna asked Benzino who he would love to box the most between Eminem, 50 Cent or Joe Budden. Instantly, ‘Zino said he would love to box Em because it would be a handsome payday for the both of them if it actually happened.

When asked about his chances with 50 Cent in the boxing ring, Benzino bragged that he could beat up the New York rhymer in the fight arena. The former rapper-turned-reality star believes that since Fif suffered facial injuries from his 2000 shooting incident, where he was shot nine times, that would make him susceptible to getting punched in the face.

“Yeah, I think like in a boxing match, like if we [were] to box in a couple of months and I train, hell yeah I box 50, hell yeah,” he said at the six-minute mark in the video below.

Benzino added that he could beat up 50 Cent in a street fight as well.

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Benzino Challenges Eminem to Face-to-Face Rap Battle

Benzino may not get Eminem in the boxing ring, but he’s still challenging the Detroit rhymer to a lyrical battle on the microphone.

On April 14, Benzino talked with TMZ about his rap nemesis and their ongoing feud. The Boston native feels that after releasing his diss song “Rap Elvis,” he’s confident that he can go bar-for-bar with Em.

“At this point, after ‘Rap Elvis,’ I think I can face-to-face battle with him,” ‘Zino said in the video below. “I’m willing to do so. I’m willing to challenge him right here on TMZ. Face-to-face battle, three rounds. I believe I can take him.”

“Now, when we was battling, I probably wouldn’t have said that 20 years from now,” he continues. “But, since then, I’ve mastered my craft and I’m in the best lyrical shape of my life. I’m ready to battle Eminem. And I think that will be great for hip-hop.”

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Watch Benzino boasts that he could beat up 50 Cent in a boxing match below.

Watch Benzino Brag That He Could Beat Up 50 Cent in a Boxing Match

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