Benzino thinks he dismantled Eminem in their most recent rap battle. So much so, he’s calling himself the “Eminem Slayer.”

Benzino Proclaims He’s the “Eminem Slayer” and Thinks the Detroit Rapper Sucks

On Thursday (Feb. 22), Art of Dialogue posted a video of their longform interview with Benzino on their YouTube channel. In the clip, which can be viewed below, Benzino proclaims he’s the victor in his ongoing rap feud with Eminem. And since Em hasn’t responded to his recent diss track “Rap Elvis,” he’s calling himself the “Eminem Slayer.” The Boston rapper also added that he thinks Em is overrated and he sucks.

“‘Rap Elvis’ already destroyed him. I already killed him with ‘Rap Elvis,” Zino boasted. “Where’s he at? Where’s the response?”

“I want to battle him face to face. I think he’s overrated. I think he sucks as a rapper and it’s f**k anybody that’s with him,” he continued.

Benzino added: “I bombed on him I’m going to continue to bomb on him. I’m going to continue to expose him you know what I’m saying? I’m going to go down [in] history as the Eminem Slayer.”

Benzino also promised that he will release another diss track at Em if he doesn’t respond.

“I stand on everything I said. I stand on everything I’ve been saying and ‘Rap Elvis’ destroyed him. I’m still waiting for the response. If he don’t, I’m going to drop another one,” he warned.

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Benzino Pokes Fun at Eminem For Dressing Up as Britney Spears in Old Photo

Since his emotional Drink Champs interview, Benzino has unrelentingly bombarded Eminem with disparaging remarks and criticisms.

On Friday (Feb. 23), Benzino resumed his feud with Eminem by dissing the Detroit rhymer on social media. On Instagram, Zino shared a picture of Em from his “The Real Slim Shady” music video in 2000, which can be seen below. In the photo, Em is dressed up as Britney Spears, complete with a blonde wig, schoolgirl outfit and knee-high stockings.

“This is your rap God huh?” Benzino captioned the post. “Y’all can have him, he even got the white stockings pulled up to thighs. SMH s**t is ridiculous, and no this ain’t AI.”

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Check out Benzino calling himself the “Eminem Slayer” and saying that “Em sucks” below.

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