Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray continue to publicly clash on social media.

The latest chapter of their family drama began when Benzino proposed a collaboration with his daughter. A few days after releasing his “Zino Vs. The Planet” track, the veteran rapper had thoughts about doing a project with Coi Leray on Tuesday (April 19).

“Man listen..if me and my daughter Coi did a project right now y’all mfs would be in trouble,” he wrote via Twitter. “Big Faxx #zinovstheplanet.”

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Benzino’s post received a negative reception as social media users mentioned his well-publicized troubles with Coi Leray. The reaction prompted him to lash out at his critics.

“To all u weirdo mfs who like to throw shade at me about MY daughter understand this, she’s MY DAUGHTER,” he wrote. “I made her, raised her, love her & proud of everything she’s doing. Y’all just met her, I’ve known CC my whole life. So keep supporting her because if she’s wins, then I WON.”

He added, “You makes you weirdos think you could ever tell me or have an opinion about me and my daughter? Think about what type of mental illness one must have to do that. Y’all entire lives will be wasted commenting on s### you don’t know. Smh what type of mind and life is that?”

Coi Leray responded to the last post, advising her father to stop his antics. She threatened to expose their private conversations if he didn’t.

“You want me to post these screen shots of what you said to me?” she asked. “Or you wanna just chill or go get help? Lmk.”

Benzino didn’t reply to Coi Leray’s question on social media. But a few hours later, he returned to Twitter to share a lesson he seemingly learned.

“I’m learning that the best response to an idiot is no response at all,” he concluded.

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@IAMBENZINO You want me to post these screen shots of what you said to me? Or you wanna just chill or go get help? Lmk


10:18 PM · Apr 19, 2022