When hip-hop legends Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One came together to give the culture an iconic Verzuz showdown in October, many fans asked why Rakim wasn’t up there against Kane. 

Although both emcees discussed the possibility of an epic Big Daddy Kane X Rakim Verzuz, it failed to materialize. 

Kane revealed why it didn’t go down during a recent appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast. 

Math Hoffa asked why the clash failed to happen despite it being the pairing that fans wanted to see. “I believe that’s what everybody think they wanted to see,” said Big Daddy Kane. “That’s who they were trying to make the Verzuz happen with,” he added. 

However, he says the reason it didn’t happen is that the “energy” would have been off. A battle during the pandemic would have been “dope,” though not on a big stage, says Kane.  

“He would have been sitting in the comfort of his living room,” he explained. “I’m sitting in the comfort of my living room, and we just going through songs over IG, right?” 

Big Daddy Kane continued, “But me and him standing on a stage together? “Nah, I think what people got is what they needed.” He added that a Verzuz with KRS-One who “has a lot of energy,” and “real strong battle skills,” was more fitting.  

Host Math Hoffa then interrupted with his own clarification. “If you’re reading between the lines like I am, he’s basically saying Rakim is not the showman he is. So it would have been a wash for you to see him on a huge stage,” he added. 

“That’s not what I’m saying,” said Big Daddy Kane interjecting. The other guests, including Mike Epps, then continued to debate the subject.  

Watch the conversation below.