Hip-Hop personality and rapper Blac Chyna has dropped a new single, “Can’t See Me,” and many think she is taking shots at the Kardashians.

The music video dropped this week on YouTube and features Kardashian-adjacent in a familiar role as a stripper, wearing a green bodysuit and later donning a yellow wig and pink sock-it-to-me dress.

What makes the video creative is her nod to the 1970s blaxploitation film era, lip-syncing classic lines from Isaac Hayes’ movie “Truck Turner,” as said by Nichelle Nichols, “I got important business out there to take care of, and when I call you, I want you to come out there and shake your a**es proper.”

Important business? Many believe she is talking about bringing down the Kardashian brood, who she blames for ruining her financial life, a claim a judge rejected.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, the former King of Diamond headliner has been in conflict with The Kardashian family ever since she broke up with Rob.

Recently, she filed a defamation case against the famous family and loss.

In “Can’t See Me,” she raps, “Since you can’t f**k with me, that’s incest, couple commas on the check that’s no stress.”

The dropping of the song comes days after her “revenge porn” lawsuit against her child’s father, Rob Kardashian, was settled. According to sources, the two felt it was in the best interest of Dream, their 5-year-old daughter, to fall back.

Now, she is focusing on the music and wondering if fans will check for it.