Influencer and celebrity baby mom Blac Chyna believes the Kardashian/ Jenner family owes her $300 million in damages for allegedly spreading lies about how she treated Rob during their relationship.

Court documents, according to Radar Online, state that Chyna believes these lies trickled all the way up to E! executives who in turn canceled her reality show, “Rob & Chyna.”

She argues that because the show was canceled, she lost out on the nearly $1 million season paycheck. Chyna also alleges she forfeited many other business deals connected to the show due to the slander.

As reported by, the former adult entertainment star is refocusing” her arguments against the family.

In addition to filing a defamation lawsuit, she also took to Twitter to appeal to the public about her plight.

Blac Chyna


8:56 PM · Apr 2, 2022

She said, “When they got my #1 hit show killed back in January 2017, that not only hurt me financially and emotionally, that hurt my beautiful KIDS.”

“I’m taking them to court to stand up for my legal rights and to be an example to my kids that ‘what’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong.’ And what they did was so wrong.”

In a separate lawsuit where she is alleging she has been wronged, Chyna is suing Rob for posting explicit photos on his social media, where he has a total of 9 million followers. This trial is set to start later in April.

Kim Kardashian, who is a lawyer in her own right, has filed her own motion. She claims Chyna should not be able to get anything, calling her claims “absurd.”

Not only because the astronomical figure is based on allegations regarding two text messages and two private emails, but more fundamentally, because it is entirely unsupported by the documentary evidence concerning [Chyna’s] income,” the Kardashian claim states.

Chyna’s claim breaks down to demanding $36 million from Kim Kardashian for emotional distress, $36 million for injury to reputation and humiliation, $36 million for anxiety and betrayal, $44 million in loss of earnings, $64 million in loss of future earnings.

She also wants $100 million from Kim in punitive damages and $19 million in punitive damages from Kris Jenner, $94 million in punitive damages from Kim and Kylie, and $5 million from Khloé.

The plaintiff, whose real name is Angela Reneé White, further said in her tweet why she is going so hard.

“I am so thankful that a jury will finally listen to what really happened behind closed doors,” she writes. “The lies that were told and the damage that was done.”

“At the end of the trial, I’m going to be able to proudly tell (son) King and (daughter) Dream that I did everything I could to right the wrong that was done to me. And that, in life, it is my hope that they will be able to stand up for themselves when it matters too.”

Blac Chyna shares five-year-old daughter Dream with ex-partner Rob Kardashian and has a nine-year-old old son named King Cairo with Tyga.