Bow Wow is coming clean about his past lean addition, which left him hospitalized.

Bow Wow Talks Being Addicted to Lean

On Monday (Feb. 12), YouTube channel The Art of Dialogue released part of their multipart interview with Bow. In the segment, which can be seen below, Bow Wow opens up about his past lean addiction, describing a time on tour when things came to a head.

“Me and Chris [Brown] we were on our tour, I was co-headlining with Brown and the opening night was in Cincinnati and when I got off stage, I collapsed,” Bow Wow said. “I went straight to Cincinnati University Hospital. My stomach was so f**ked up that I ended up going back home to Atlanta after the first show.”

He continued, “I’m sitting in the hospital not knowing what the f**k going on, and I get back home and the s**t gets worse. I’m throwing up, I’m shivering in the bed, I’m sweating, I’m going through it.”

“I had to get right, man. God rest her soul, I had the best publicist ever, Pattie Webster,” he added. “She ended up putting out a press release [saying it was dehydration]. Wasn’t no dehydration; I was f**ked up off lean…We didn’t want the world to know that 18, 19-year-old Bow was heavy on the drank.”

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Hip-Hop Artists Breaking Drug Habits

Bow Wow is the most recent hip-hop artist to open about a drug addiction. Last September, Lil Yachty revealed he stopped drinking lean. The same month, DJ Drama revealed he was spending six figures a year on his opioid addiction before getting clean. In October, Rick Ross admitted he now has to take special medication because of his past lean usage.

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See Bow Wow opening up about his past lean addiction below.

Watch Bow Wow on The Art of Dialogue

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