(AllHipHop News) "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker Cardi B and the LA-based clothing brand Fashion Nova join together to donate $1,000 every hour to individuals affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak. Fashion Nova has already announced over 70 recipients on its website.

However, some people are questioning if the #FashionNovaCARES relief funding is actually real. One Twitter user, going by the handle @imsoloveLee, even demanded to see more proof of the winners besides what has been presented by Fashion Nova so far.

"I feel like Fashion Nova and Cardi B lying. Where the live winners at. Not a list of names. I wanna see folks screenshots," wrote @imsoloveLee early Monday morning. Cardi B responded by tweeting, "We finna post them tomorrow and I name some the other day on live and tomorrow imma give it out to ten people at one time on my live. We don’t give to show. Some people don’t want the world to know they got help."

To qualify for #FashionNovaCARES aid, individuals in need have to share their personal stories and information on fashionnova.com/cares. Each day, twenty-four people will be selected as beneficiaries throughout the duration of the program which is running until May 20.

"People are struggling to pay rent, buy food, medicine and other essentials for themselves and their families. We all feel compassion and concern for those affected by the Coronavirus," stated Richard Saghian, founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, in an April 8 press release.

Saghian continued, "Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B will provide people with necessary relief to help them get through this crisis. As a community-driven brand, we are inspired by the kindness and generosity of others and we wanted to do our part to help those in need."