(AllHipHop News) 

Cardi B isn’t a “domestic.”

The “Up” star doesn’t typically enjoy doing housework, but Cardi has revealed she refuses to get in her bath without giving the tub a rigorous scrub beforehand.

Cardi made the confession after a social media follower pointed out that one of her Instagram Stories contradicted the lyrics to her chart-topping hit “WAP.”

The fan wrote on Twitter: “@iamcardib said she ‘don’t cook or clean’. But she just washed her bath tub on her story (laughing and heart emojis) love to see ittt.”

In response, Cardi acknowledged she’s not big on housework – but insisted she’d never get in her bath tub if it’s not clean.

She replied: “Baby I’m not domestic however I don’t hop In no tub without me scrubbing it .Clean or dirty imma scrub for I get in .This p#### too pristine for allat.”

And when it was suggested that Cardi could just wipe the tub rather than scrubbing, she replied: “Wiping ? naaaa I’m scrubbing Wtf is wiping going to do ….If you wanna talk about really cleaning a tub …let’s talk about it …Clorox ,soap and Ajax let that b#### marinate and brush till your eyes bleed .I’m spoiled now but I have a Caribbean mom that had me cleaning.”