This is the 5th EP from Queens emcee Lex the Hex Master. Breaking out in 2015 with his independent debut album Born in Hell, the demented Detroit hip hop duo Twiztid would go on to sign him to their label Majik Ninja Entertainment shortly after & he has put out a plethora of releases since. This includes The Black SeasonContact, the Mr. Ugly duology, Beyond RedemptionShadow KingStrictly 4 My N.I.N.J.A.S.Party CastleHaunted Mansion & Palace of Illusions. But after taking a year off, Lex is finishing the series that began with Party Castle & ending it in the form of Cathedral of Chaos.

“Hallelujah” opens things up with an eerie trap banger warning that it’s a wrap for these bitches now that Lex is back on the scene whereas “Money Back” has a more explosively aggressive atmosphere to it as he talks about the paper. “The Gang” has a more uncanny tone to the instrumental as dude reps his homies leading into Danny Diablo, Jake Palumbo & Madopelli Music coming into the picture for a rap metal/boom bap crossover to leave motherfuckers scared shitless in the terrordome. And prior to the titular outro, the final song “Bongs & Bonfires” ties up the EP with a peppy, tropical ballad about turning the night up.

So after almost 3 years this summer, the tetralogy of EPs from one of the most underrated/underappreciated MCs on the whole entire MNE roster finally comes to an end & it has me anticipating on whatever it is he that he plan on doing next whether it be a full-length or another EP or even another mixtape for that matter. Of the 4 installments, the production on the concluding chapter is predominantly more darker & the cutthroat Queens lyricist comes through sounding recharged on the mic.

Score: 8/10