Authentic, laid back and self –assured are just a few words that embody independent artist Leo w3ST. This proud Chicago WestSider is on his way to making his mark on the independent hip hop music scene as proven with his over 60 show performances including his riveting performances at the House of Blues and Hip Hop in Chinatown. w3ST uses the influence of music of today and the past to give rhythm, lyricism, feeling and melodic tunes.

His latest album release “Just HML” features 16 songs that are sure to create a vibe within each listen. With songs like “Outside,” Everything U Want ft,. Mick Jenkins and Breaking Point ft. Hugh Leeand “Euro,” captures a refreshing new sound coming out of the city, Leo w3ST sT proves that his music is consistent and exceeds beyond expectation while making strides in perfecting his craft. “Just HML” proves to be a true testament to his creativity. 

Leo expresses that “Creating this project has been a journey. My mind was really all over the place during the creation of this but I feel like that helped me during this process.” When asked about the meaning behind “HML” he says, “HML really is a global sayin, in some way or form you are always gonna find yourself telling somebody to hit your line or vice versa.” His producer and partner in crime, “DommOrElse” has been making music with Leo for 10 years creating their first full project together. Leading up to the release, Leo has been featured on major media sites including Whats The Word TV, Dirty Glove Bastard and more. Click the link below to listen to his latest ALBUM “Just HML.”