This is the 13th full-length album from New Jersey emcee Cymarshall Law. Emerging back in ‘04 as part of the duo Power Man & Iron Fist alongside the late Pumpkinhead, it wasn’t until 3 years later where he branched out on his own off the full-length debut Hip Hop in the Flesh, which was followed up by the Hip Hop in the Soul trilogy & Freedom Express. He’s made a handful since, which the last one I covered being I Still Love H.E.R. couple years back. But with the 1-year anniversary of The Sorcerer’s Art Supplies coming & going over the weekend, Cymarshall’s returning as The Peaceful Warrior.

The “Warren Peace” intro is a angelic boom bap opener to the album talking about how original & different he is whereas “Burn Bright” takes a jazzier route declaring himself to be a burning sensation on the mic. “Outside Looking In” brings in more jazz horns, kicks & snares hoping better days are ahead as it’s looking grim for him right now leading into the piano boom bap infused The Orator” living up to it’s name perfectly saying just because you started your journey early doesn’t mean you have to get to the destination before them.

“Doing My Thing” gives off a groovier vibe talking about being out here doing his own shit these days prior to “The Pressure” works in some strings as well as kicks & snares talking about the pressures that he’s been dealing with in his personal life. “Find the Top” is another piano-boom bam cut saying he loves hip hop culture more than Jada Pinkett Smith loved 2Pac, but then the title track talks about being ready when the time comes over a mellow backdrop laced with kicks & snares.

Meanwhile, “Soul Mates” featuring a soulful hook from Kafeeno is a moody boom bap pop rap crossover to start of the 2nd half of the album talking to that one special woman in his life while “Competitive Man” brings it back to you raw getting on some hardcore shit. “Palm of My Hand” gets dustier sonically talking about having the game on lock while “Royalty” ends the 3rd leg of the LP with some keys, kicks & snares talking about how their spiritual intelligence could never be taken away from them.

“Speak It Into Existence” starts the 4th quarter of the album with another piano/boom bap hybrid discussing how he really spoke his good fortune into existence all from being persistent while “Lost” featuring Peter Anguira on the hook takes a dreamier approach instrumentally getting on some more personal subject matter drawing from his past. “Insecure” is another jazzy boom bap cut giving a shoutout to anyone listening who’s ever felt inconfident & “Keep Growing” featuring Talk2Francis closes out the album with both of them over a dreamy loop with kicks & snares talking about being here for growth.

Compared to The Sorcerer’s Art Supplies a whole year ago, The Peaceful Warrior is unquestionably better. Maybe even a tad bit superior to I Still Love H.E.R. the year before that. Slimline Mutha’s production ranges from jazzy boom bap reminiscent to that of one of my personal top 5 producers Pete Rock to moody pop rap with Cymarshall getting more personal on the lyrical side of things.

Score: 8/10