(AllHipHop News) DaBaby is out here working… or should we say shelterin’ in but he's still cranking that heat out.

The North Carolinian rapper posted on his Instagram that he had a project that is dropping this week.

The caption was simple and said: “BLAME IT ON BABY” 💿 THIS FRIDAY MF❗️ #ImCutLikeDat 4.17.20"

It will be DaBaby's third studio album, fans are curious to see what he plans to offer. Especially after the hilarious trailer that accompanied the Insta-announcement.

In said trailer, DaBaby runs a mock in the commercial with everyone blaming all kinds of dumb stuff on “DaBaby.”

From a woman’s man leaving her, to a man losing his job, the trailer shows that it's DaBaby’s fault. Some kids' parents are getting divorced… guess what, according to the video that runs like an infomercial, it is DaBaby’s fault.

Blame It On Baby will sure to have his humor stitched all the way through, but songs that the public has already heard says the rapper has upped his game.

The first two singles have made noise. In February he dropped the single, “Shut Up,” followed by the Nelly-esque “Find My Way,” a month later.

His video for “Find my Way” was such a visually stimulating movie that we hope he stocks the entire project with this more focused level of charisma and innovation.

Clearly, DaBaby is growing as an artist, and it is apparent in the newest total packaging of his career.