Damon Dash is unhappy over The Recording Academy snubbing Kanye West at this year’s Grammy Awards.

In response to their rescinding the invitation to him to appear at the 64th ceremony, Damone thinks “we” should “make our own” awards show.

The Harlem Native was asked by a TMZ roving reporter about Kanye West not going to the most prominent music award ceremony in pop culture and what he might say if he wins his nomination. 

Damon responded in a pure Uptown way, saying, “Kanye, don’t give a f##k about the Grammys.”

Damon Dash, who also goes by the name Dusko Poppington said, “We make our own Grammys.”

“I’m not trying to fail in somebody else’s system. So, we just create our own, so we ain’t gotta worry about nobody else’s rules,” Damon Dash said.

The Roc-A-Fella founder asked, “What’s the purpose of the money if you gotta worry about people’s rules (as long as you ain’t breaking no laws).”

“It’s not for them to judge who’s ‘hot.’ It’s for us,” Dash stated.

The multi-hyphenate then put forth an idea that turns the current system topsy-turvy. He said, “They really shouldn’t be giving us any awards. We should be giving them the awards. They got to respect our culture!”

Dash believes in respecting the culture and making sure that it stays owned by people within and who create the culture.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, the ultimate hustler is working with Principal Akbar Cook of Newark to create music and opportunities for others through Dame Dash Studios and the West Side High School. 

In this capacity, he not only shapes art for the present but also through mentorship and counseling of the students at the school, he will impact the future.

Damon plans to be up close and personal with the next generation of leaders. 

While he will attend the school functions, he has never been one to attend the fancy trophy exchange that booted Yeezy from this year’s roster.

When his artists on Roc-A-Fella were nominated for Grammys, he didn’t even go. The reason?

Damon Dash says, “I don’t give a f##k about the Grammys.”