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If you’ve never heard of Los Angeles-based Poet/Artist Def Sound, then this is a great introduction. Def recently performed a live rendition of his latest single “Run It Up” for Party In My Living Room (PIMLR) Sessions. Congrats to THURZ for creating this avenue for artist to creatively express their art in a visual aspect.

Here’s what Def had to say about the track:

‘RUN IT UP!’ is one for the lyricists & word workers.
This song is a mix of new and old – a verbal collage, an homage to all the Hip Hop that raised me.

I co-produced the song with the Miami production duo Paperwater. I brought in the homies Arty Johnson on drums, Hunter Craig on bass and Lightfoot on the 808 sub work. Run It Up is a motivational speech as well as a victory lap. This is me really in my duffle bag not holding back. 

Also, what’s kinda wild is the ending was a complete accident. I looped the beat in my own Ableton session but the stems the homies Paperwater sent me didn’t contain the loop I made to close the song out. So I didn’t even know that until Arty was already tracking drums so suddenly everything dropped out of the song but my vocals so he just freestyled direct call and response around what I did vocally. We just kept the take and that’s what we got!

Def Sound is an Afro-Caribbean transdisciplinary artist, born & based in South Central LA. Def is a non binary Grammy Award considered contemporary hip-hop artist, producer, published poet, and award winning academic. Def is currently teaching Hip Hop Critical Theory & Practice at the California Institute of the Arts. To check out the studio version of the track, press play below: